The Benefit of Long Tail Keywords - The Benefit of Long-Tail Keywords
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The Benefit of Long-Tail Keywords

September 17, 2018

The Benefit of Long-Tail Keywords

The benefit of Long-Tail Keywords are detailed keyword phrases that potential customers use to search online when they are ready to buy in the context of advertising and SEO.

Knowledge of purchase intent is very valuable to advertisers. When customers use the long-tail keywords, it is a good indication that they are ready to buy the item they are looking for. Buying long tail keywords in pay per click for products or services available on a particular site allows site owners to attract customers who are specifically looking for what they offer. This targeted and contextual advertising is far more likely to generate sales than random ad placements.

For example, someone who is looking for software sectional most likely just browsing but when a customer becomes very specific - like looking for white sectional sofas - it's more likely that they know what they want and are ready to buy. Vendors, especially those who specialize in niche products, it is advisable to find the keyword phrases that are likely customers use when searching for a product or type of product they offer. The model number, color, and unique options are a few things to keep in mind for the selection of keywords. In this way, vendors can target customers who want what they have, when they are ready to buy.

In the pay-per-click advertising, long tail keywords are cheaper to buy and generate more purchases per click rather than short-popular keywords, which brings even more traffic but resulted in fewer purchases. The Keywords that are most frequently searched can increase site visibility, but it is difficult to rank well in these terms. Popular keywords will come with greater costs and may not bring much improvement in sales. The Long tail keywords are more easily positioned, cheaper and generate more sales.

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